Home demolitions by the Israeli authorities, as well as violence by the settlers who live illegally on Palestinian land, are part of daily life for Palestinians in Area C. Thousands of Palestinians have been forced from their homes.

Many Bedouin villages are incredibly isolated, and only accessible on foot. Walls and checkpoints restrict movement and prevent trade.

The electricity lines that run along the roads and the water networks that are piped underneath are only for the benefit of the illegal Israeli settlements, not the Bedouin communities they run through.

Trapped and under threat of demolition and displacement, families still attempt to make a living.

Bedouin are traditionally nomadic or semi-nomadic pastoral tribal people whose cultural practices and livelihoods rely on freedom of movement.

Most of those living in Area C have already been forcibly relocated at least twice – in 1948 and 1967. Now targeted for demolition and displacement to urban areas, they fear they will lose their culture and traditions forever.